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They Are Coming Back Soon!

Probably the best CHIVETTES
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Check it out!

Each of these Lovely N.S. ladies has recently been featured on the Chive! Let’s toss a few likes their way and make them feel as awesome as they are! Click on the images below to link up with the Chive and click that like button under their image! 😉 


Kelly Lyn Martell KCCO
A K M W 1

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Probably the best STUFF

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We’ve all heard it by now…but it’s a sick song from one of our own amazing artists!

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Probably the best CHIVERS

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Gentlemen …Your Move

Chivers Pay Their Chivettes Back

Submit Pics to us via our email

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Probably the best VIDEOS

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Road Rage the Right Way! 

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Beer Pong 1

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  1. This is awesome!!! Can’t wait to see a Chivette I know on here!!!

  2. Site Looks Great…

  3. How do I post a pic on this page?

    • For now, submit pics to us via private message through our facebook page as we are still working on the system for photo submission via this site =) It should be up and ready soon, but FB has been working out so far.

  4. Chive on.

  5. Awesome work guys. Chive On.

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